The two lakes, Lilla and Stora Stockasjöarna, were previously used for put and take fishing for 17 years. In 2010, the fish conservation organisation managing the lakes decided to end the put and take operation, as interest in volunteering to work with the lakes had declined. 

We are four good friends who are enthusiastic about fishing, and we all feel that it is a pity when such a lovely spot, with so much to offer for relaxation and well-being, is not being used to benefit people. So, last year we decided to start a company, Stockasjöarna AB, which has now leased the lakes, and opened them for fishing after six years fallow. Our vision is to offer quality and exclusivity, so that you and your fellow anglers can have a truly pleasurable experience. We are Ingela and Niklas Lundell, with our family, and Sandra and Thomas Arnagård, with our family. You're welcome to contact us any time, either by e-mail,, (we respond as soon as we can) or call us at the telephone numbers below. 

Thomas Arnagård: 073-726 05 12
Sandra Arnagård: 073-716 34 29
Niklas Lundell: 070-252 28 44
Ingela Lundell: 076-305 64 79